More on the EEOC’s New Strategic Plan

Last week we posted about the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan and the agency’s intent to focus enforcement efforts on practices that target workers unaware of their rights or reluctant to use them.  Today, the EEOC announced a new case brought in light of the Plan’s goal to eliminate barriers in recruitment and hiring practices. The case alleges that a pizza restaurant violated Title VII by refusing to hire African-American applicants for certain positions because of their race, and that the restaurant maintained a racially segregated workplace by limiting African-American employees to back-of-the-house positions.

The six areas of enforcement in the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan are: Eliminating Barriers in Recruitment and Hiring; Protecting Immigrant, Migrant or Other Vulnerable Workers; Addressing Emerging and Developing Issues; Enforcing Equal Pay Laws; Preserving Access to the Legal System and; Preventing Harassment Through Systemic Enforcement and Targeted Outreach.

More information about the Plan can be found here:

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