Statewide Paid Sick Leave Legislation & City of Portland Paid Sick Leave

In March, we blogged about the new ordinance passed by the Portland City Council that requires employers in the City of Portland with 6 or more employees to provide a minimum of 40 hours of annual paid sick leave beginning in January 2014. There is also a statewide effort to enact legislation requiring paid sick leave throughout Oregon (House Bill 3390 and Senate Bill 801). Both bills are currently working their way through the State Legislature. According to Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz’s website, Portland will not begin to consider whether to move forward with implementing local regulations for the Portland Paid Sick Leave Ordinance until the fate of state efforts is known. If the City moves forward with local regulations, it will do so in early summer and conclude (presumably with the issuance of regulations) by August 31, 2013.

We will continue to monitor developments in the Oregon Legislature concerning HB 3390 and SB 801, and the City of Portland’s progress regarding regulations for the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. The text of the proposed legislation can be found at:

Information about the future adoption of local regulations can be found at:

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