October 21, 2013 –Deadline for Veterans in Oregon to Request Veteran’s Day Off

In April 2013, Oregon enacted a new law that requires employers to give veterans time off for Veteran’s Day, which is November 11, 2013. Under the law, eligible veterans are entitled to take Veteran’s Day off without pay (or with pay at the employer’s discretion), provided they request the day off at least 21 days before the holiday. To be eligible, an employee must have served on active duty in the armed forces for at least six months and have received an honorable discharge, or be a member of a reserve or National Guard unit and have been deployed or served on active duty for at least six months. If the veteran’s requested absence would cause significant economic or operational disruption or undue hardship, an employer can deny a request for leave, but the veteran must be allowed to take another day off within one year of the holiday. The employer’s response to a request for Veteran’s Day off must be provided to at least 14 days before the holiday.

The full text of the law is here: http://www.leg.state.or.us/13reg/measures/sb0001.dir/sb0001.en.html

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