New OSHA Proposed Rule to Improve Tracking Workplace Injuries

Today OSHA issued a proposed rule to improve workplace safety and health through the “collection of useful, accessible, establishment-specific injury and illness data.”  Generally, the new rule will require covered employers to submit injury and illness information electronically on a quarterly basis and to submit the information from OSHA’s annual summary form (Form 300A) electronically.  In addition, the rule specifies that OSHA will post the injury and illness data online available to the public.  The proposed rule explains that: “Using data collected under the proposed rule, members of the public will be able to make more informed decisions about current and potential places to do business with…[which OSHA explain will] encourage establishments with higher injury/illness rates in a given industry to improve workplace safety in order to become more attractive to potential customers.”

Comments on the proposed rule are due within 90 days.   Presumably, employers will take issue with the publication of establishment specific data.  We will update the blog when the comments period closes, or as other developments arise.


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