City of Portland Sick Time Update

The City of Portland just released a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 240 hour eligibility requirement for the Portland Sick Time law.  The revised FAQs clarify that employers do not need to count hours worked in 2013 for purposes of the 240 hour eligibility requirement.  The City explains:

Q. If an employee worked 240 hours in the City during 2013, does that satisfy the 240 hour eligibility requirement?

A: No. An Employee becomes eligible to use Sick Time when he or she has worked for an employer within the geographic boundaries of the City for at least 240 hours in a Year, starting in Year 2014.

This is a change from the Bureau of Labor and Industries’ interpretation of the Sick Time Law and, essentially, means that all employees start at zero (0) hours worked in the City of Portland as of January 1, 2014.  Other FAQs about the Sick Time Law can be found at

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