$1.39 Bag of Chips Costs Employer $180,000

Walgreens fired an 18 year employee with a good track record because she ate a bag of potato chips without paying for them first.  When Walgreens investigated the incident, the employee explained that she ate the chips before paying because her blood sugar was low and she did not have time to pay before eating.  She was fired for the incident.  The EEOC sued Walgreens on the grounds that the employee was fired because of her disability.  Although not mentioned, the EEOC presumably also alleged that permitting a diabetic employee to eat something and pay for it later during a hypoglycemic attack is a reasonable accommodation.  The $1.39 bag of chips cost Walgreens $180,000.  http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/7-2-14b.cfm



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