Supreme Court says No Pay for Employee Security Screening Time

Last week,the Supreme Court addressed whether an employer must pay for time an employee spends waiting to go through security after the end of a shift.  The case involved temporary workers at an Amazon warehouse in Nevada who sought pay for time spent waiting to go through security screeningsbefore leaving the warehouse.  The Supreme Court found that the time was not compensable because the “workers were employed not to undergo security screenings but to retrieve products from warehouse shelves and package them for shipment” and because the screenings were not “integral and indispensable” to the activities the employees were hired to perform.  Accordingly, under the FLSA and Portal-to-Portal Pay Act, the employees were not entitled to be paid for the time spent waiting for screening.

The decision clarifies that payment for postliminary activities is dependent upon whether the particular activity is “tied to the productive work that the employee was employed to perform.”

The Supreme Court’s decision is here:

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