Fake on-the-job Injuries and Impersonating Seahawks Players

A Washington man was recently charged with 12 felonies for obtaining illegal and prescription drugs by fraud.  On 17 separate occasions, the man visited hospitals or urgent care clinics and claimed to have suffered an on-the-job injury.  At the medical facilities, he filled out workers’ compensation claim forms using his first name and the last name of a Seattle Seahawks football player or another professional ball player or coach.  According to the Washington Attorney General, among “the last names of football players and coaches he’s accused of using: Harvin, Largent, Sherman, Mora, Richardson, Hollenbeck, Robinson, Okung, Marino, Bledsoe and Henderson. He also used the surnames of stars from other sports: Malone, Langston and Duckworth.”  In addition, four of the employers listed on claim documents did not exist.

The scam was discovered when one of the employers listed told the Washington Department of Labor & Industries that it believed the claim was filed by a former employee and a handwriting expert confirmed that each of the injury and accident reports matched the employee’s handwriting.   There is no lesson here, except maybe that truth is stranger than fiction.  http://lni.wa.gov/News/2015/pr150303a.asp



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