A Reminder about Seattle’s Ban-the-Box Ordinance

While Oregon only recently passed a law addressing the use of applicants’ criminal/arrest records in the hiring process, Seattle’s Job Assistance Ordinance has been in place since 2013.  Generally, the Ordinance prohibits ads and applications that automatically exclude applicants with conviction/arrest records. Ads cannot announce that “Felons Need Not Apply” and employers cannot ask questions… Continue reading A Reminder about Seattle’s Ban-the-Box Ordinance

Your Government at Work

Yesterday, the EEOC announced that it had secured more than $525 million for victims of discrimination during 2015.  Of that amount, about $356 million was obtained through mediation, conciliation and settlement (as opposed to through litigation). The news release is here: http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/11-19-15.cfm The EEOC 2015 Performance and Accountability Report is here:  http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/plan/upload/2015par.pdf  

Employer Sued for Rejecting Applicant on Methadone

The ADA does not protect employees who are currently using illegal drugs. However, the ADA does protect employees who are no longer using drugs illegally and are receiving treatment for drug addiction. Accordingly, an employer may face liability if it rejects a qualified applicant because the applicant is on methadone as part of a medically… Continue reading Employer Sued for Rejecting Applicant on Methadone