EEOC Issues Guidance for Employees with HIV Infection

Yesterday, the EEOC issued two publications that address important issues for employees with HIV infection.  As the EEOC’s press release explains:

  • Living With HIV Infection: Your Legal Rights in the Workplace Under the ADA” – explains that applicants and employees are protected from employment discrimination and harassment based on HIV infection, and that individuals with HIV infection have a right to reasonable accommodations at work.
  • “Helping Patients with HIV Infection Who Need Accommodations at Work” –  explains to doctors that patients with HIV infection may be able to get reasonable accommodations that help them to stay productive and employed, and provides them with instructions on how to support requests for accommodation with medical documentation.

Although aimed at employees, the publications are also a useful resource for employers who have employees with HIV infection and are struggling with how to reasonably accommodate the employees and concerned they might not have adequate guidance from the employees’ medical providers.

The publications are here:


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