Dorothy! Dorothy! It’s a data breach!

A federal judge in the District of Kansas has permitted a class action lawsuit to proceed against an employer accused of failing to take adequate safeguards to prevent a data breach allegedly exposing the personal information of approximately 2,000 employees.  The lead plaintiff alleges that the data breach resulted in the filing of a fake tax return in her name, which caused a refund check to be sent to the fraudster who submitted the return (such scams are on the rise).  This case serves as a reminder to comply with best practices and legal requirements for safeguarding the personal information of employees — or anyone who provides personal information, such as customers or medical patients.  We are happy to assist in this area.  The case is captioned Hapka v. CareCentrix, Inc., D. Kan. No. 2:16-cv-02372-CM-KGG, and the order is available using this link.

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