BOLI Workplace Bullying Poster

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Workplace bullying is not illegal in Oregon. However, because, according to BOLI, “it is harmful and in some cases can lead to lawsuits based on discrimination,” BOLI recently published a poster addressing workplace bullying.  The poster defines workplace bullying as “a pattern of repeated mistreatment that harms, intimidates, undermines, offends, degrades or or humiliates an employee,” and describes possible actions an employee or employer can take to prevent/eliminate workplace bullying.

Employers have no legal obligation to post the poster, and, BOLI has no authority to address claims for workplace bullying (that are unrelated to claims for discrimination or harassment or other unlawful employment practices). However, the poster provides helpful language for employers to incorporate into a no-bullying policy, and offers guidance on defining unacceptable behavior in the context of employee discipline.

The poster is here: BOLI Workplace Bullying

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