Countdown to Oregon’s Equal Pay Act

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In anticipation of the January 1, 2019 effective date of the law, Oregon employers should consider the following:

  • Make sure job applications do not ask for salary or pay history
  • Train anyone who interviews job applicants regarding what kind of questions are appropriate under the new law (and how to respond when an applicant volunteers prior pay history)
  • Post the BOLI Equal Pay poster
  • Analyze the pay range of employees who perform work of comparable character to  determine whether discrepancies in pay between workers who perform work of a comparable character are justified by bone fide factors
  • Adjust lower paid employees wages to match equivalent employees where differences in pay cannot be justified by bone fide factors
  • Avoid lowering compensation of an employee to comply with the law
  • Review criteria for bonuses and other awards to make sure any differences can be explained based on bone fide factors

Employers should also take a look at BOLI’s Equal Pay Best Practices Guides, which  address:

  • Fair Recruiting and Promotion of Women
  • Fair Compensation and Initial Salary
  • Joint Evaluation and Pay-for-Performance
  • Encouraging Mentorships and Role Models
  • Accommodating Pregnant Employees
  • On-site Child Care

We will continue to post on this new law as application and interpretation of the law evolves.

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