New Year’s Resolutions for 2020


As 2019 winds down, we compiled some suggested resolutions for employers (none of which involve diet or exercise):

  • Update your employee handbook to comply with the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act and to include a policy addressing accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions;
  • Post BOLI’s Workplace Accommodations Notice and be prepared to provide the Notice to new employees;
  • Analyze the pay and duties of your exempt employees and re-classify as appropriate based on the new DOL salary threshold and, where applicable, Washington’s new duties and salary test;
  • Update confidentiality agreements to ensure compliance with the Defend Trade Secrets Act;
  • Review Oregon and Washington law on non-competition agreements and, for Washington employers, make sure new agreements that include post-termination restrictions on competition comply with HB 1450;
  • Remind managers and supervisors that employees do not need to ask for medical leave to be entitled to it;
  • Consult with counsel about whether to undertake an Equal-Pay Analysis pursuant to Oregon’s Pay Equity Law; and
  • Commit to creating contemporaneous, fact based documentation.

Happy New Year! We look forward to sharing news and updates on employment law and related issues in 2020.

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